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Propane Prices have FALLEN!  

We deliver Propane for Home, Commercial, and Agricultural needs.  Call to find out more about contracting propane at low summer prices to avoid the winter price spike. DGA offers free delivery and we stock regulators for your tank.  We also fill BBQ and Camper Tanks, Forklift Cylinders, RV's and MORE!

As proud members of the Missouri Propane Gas Association, DGA has access to an abundance of safety training, hint and tips from professionals, and Money-Back Rebates for the purchase of propane powered products.  Click on the following links to explore these wonderful partners!

Missouri Propane Gas Association

Missouri Propane Education and Research Council 


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  • Have you ever been in the middle of grilling a big juicy steak and you run out of propane? We can help you avert this distaster. Come to DGA and let us fill up your tank today!

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