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The Next Generation of Fertilizer

With every generation, the world continues to grow. This means we need more food. Today's farmers are leading the way by using innovative solutions like MicroEssentials fertilizer to meet the increasing food demands of the future. MicroEssentials is the next generation of fertilizer, designed to meet the needs of your advanced farming operation. Demand more; demand MicroEssentials. We also carry a full line of liquid and dry fertilizer products in addition to MicroEssentials to fill all your nutrient needs.  

We offer soil sampling, custom application and variable rate application, as well as fertilizers buggies for our growers to use.  

There are several trials conducted using Microessential products that you can view in the Info Pdfs section.

Contact one of the Area Marketers for any questions you may have or to have fertilizer applied by one of our experienced applicators on your farm today! 

Area Marketers

Tyler Collier (573)620-3933

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For more information on a specific product click the products picture below.

  • We also carry stabilizers to help you protect your Nitrogen investment. Ask us for more information.
  • MESZ is a proprietary fertilizer specially formulated for use on most crops. Through a patented process, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc are fused into one nutritionally balanced granule. MicroEssentials fertilizers’ unique chemistry promotes nutrient interactions that improve phosphorus uptake in diverse soil conditions common early in the growing season.
  • DAP fertilizer is an excellent source of P and nitrogen (N) for plant nutrition. It’s highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate and ammonium.
  • Aspire® combines two forms of boron with potassium into one powerful granule for uniform nutrient distribution and season-long availability. The Aspire boron delivery system can significantly improve root development, nutrient uptake and pollination.
  • Potassium has a role in the plant physiology and chemistry with movement of water, nutrients, and carbohydrates within the plant. Potassium will stimulate early growth, increase protein production, improve water use efficiency, and improve resistance to diseases and insects.
  • Used primarily where supplemental N and S is needed to meet the nutritional requirement of growing plants.  It provides an excellent source of S, which supports or drives numerous essential plant functions, including protein synthesis.

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