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The Next Generation of Fertilizer
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Balanced Crop Nutrition Through Patented Fusion™ Technology
MicroEssentials® SZ™ (12-40-0-10S-1Zn) is a proprietary fertilizer specially formulated for use on most crops. Through our patented Fusion™ technology process, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc are fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition. MicroEssentials fertilizers' unique chemistry promotes nutrient interactions that improve phosphorus uptake in diverse soil conditions common early in the growing season.

Maximized Yields, Increased Profitability
By using MicroEssentials products, you can achieve a better return on investment. Providing the right ratios of nutrients at the right time, MicroEssentials fertilizer enables uniform nutrient distribution, increased phosphorus uptake and season-long sulfur availability across the field, which results in gained efficiencies, maximized yields and increased profitability for your advanced crop production operations.

Key Benefits of MicroEssentials®

Uniform Nutrient Distribution
Every patented MicroEssentials granule has the same analysis, so you can be confident every plant will get balanced nutrition. It eliminates nutrient segregation common with traditional blends.

Improved Nutrient Uptake
The innovative chemistry of each granule combines nutrients that are proven to interact and improve phosphorus uptake.

Season-long Sulfur Availability
MicroEssentials combines two forms of sulfur, both sulfate and elemental sulfur, in every granule to ensure sulfur availability throughout the growing season.

Available At
Charleston Fertilizer Plant
Kewanee Fertilizer Plant
East Prairie Fertilizer Plant
Chemical & Seed Warehouse
Chemical Warehouse North of Charleston

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